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OVER 150 Sets, 
550,000 Sq Ft
Studio Over the Water

The Most Sets on the East Coast!


ACX1 Studios is truly a one stop shop. We offer: film equipment rentals,
crew services,
sound stages, catering, and post production facilities.

The two heads of our company have been working in the industry for over 20 years. 


View our production work on our website

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Our Amenities 

-Over 150 sets: kitchens, offices, warehouses, stadium, stores, restaurants,  
beaches, . night clubs,
and much more.  



-Two 15,000 sq foot, one 6000 sq foot warehouses with 34 foot ceilings


-Several: holding spots, Mobile and Stationary Hair and Make up, and Wardrobe rooms.


-Cafeterias and  In-house Catering 


-Production offices with Internet (20)


-In-house cameras, lens, grip and electric, and lighting, and production vehicles


-VIP Producer and Talent Rooms (18)


-Valet and  Self-Parking Garage


-Hotel is connected to our Studio, cast and crew can walk to work from their hotel rooms.

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